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You will love this service! I heard about it on TV and from the site itself. HP Instant Ink makes it easy to have the ink you need to be delivered without any need to set it up. Once your ink is low, and you are signed up to the HP Instant Ink Plan, the printer sends the signal to have the ink ordered and sent to you as soon as possible!

There are so many benefits with this type of service, which is why I had to shareIf you print photos of vacations, print work documents, bookkeeping, medical information, school papers, patterns and so on! The HP Instant Ink can help you save up to 50% for the many prints you need each month. Plus, there is no extra cost for the ink, even if you use it all up or even more in one day or a month! 

What you are paying for is a number of pages you print, which is up to you with the option of plan you choose. Also, it isn't a contract you are signing up too! Instead, you pay monthly one price and continue or not if you don't want too. No fees to cancel or charges without you knowing about it! Choose your plan and enjoy that many prints you need monthly with one low price! Plus, one thing you don't need to worry about is the amount of ink or how much color and black you use!  It comes to you free, all the ink you can and would like to use.

In other words, you are paying less for the cartridge of ink each month you use the plant. For example, a plan of 2.99 for 50 pages a month allows you to use as much ink as you like, which an ink cartridge cost nearing 40's or more in price. That is why, I think that is the best way to save tons and tons of cash while enjoying not draft prints, but full vibrant and bold color prints! Don't let ink stop you from printing so much, this service provides you with such great savings and actually helps keep cash in your wallet!

**Certain Printers are able to receive this service, 
please check the site to see if your printer qualifies**

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