Mar 10, 2019

THE ONE HOUR DRESS By Mary Brooks Picken - sewing DIY Craft

"I received a free copy of the book in exchange for writing a review"

There are so many books on all types of creative dresses that one can design. Many of those books are great for beginners and many can help those who want to challenge their skills and create something a bit more breathtaking or fancy. However, when many are searching for a book to create a dress they are looking for one that can be done quick! So it's not just about the style or design that is important, but the time it takes to create a lovely looking dress. 

So I'm happy to mention that there is a book for those who need a dress in an hour for that night or a special occasion. Maybe it could be the Cinderella feeling, where you have a special occasion coming and you need to have a dress to wear. Well then, the book The One Hour Dress by Mary Brooks Picken is a perfect one to own! It's not like other huge or giant books. Instead, you are reading one that is under 20 pages, and helps you learn to create a stunning dress in an hour! 
I really must also point out, this book is quite simple. It's not complicated and only takes minutes to go from one step to the next. Each step is detailed with illustrations to measuring and getting the right fit while preparing the fabric and cutting the pieces out. Then you move on to the sewing and putting everything together. It's quite simple then many books and focuses on one topic a dress you need within an hour. 

Additionally, feel it's also perfect for the beginner in dressmaking. It's focusing on the design of the flapper dress, making it easy that any size or shape will fit it with perfection! No worries about getting it wrong the first time around as it's very easy and doesn't require much work to measure out the right length and size for the body. Plus with the belt, it can wrap the waist and make the dress fit a bit more snug. 

For a flapper style dress, this really is quite a great idea and can take a new look by the use of different fabrics on the body. You can go from a bright spring or summer style and go more for a fall or winter style with a darker and bolder variety of color. Plus, with ones' creative taste and the steps to follow, one can use the variations inside this book or by one's own embellishments can add or change a few things to make the dress look even more unique and stunning! 

Finally, for a book that is under 20 pages, The One Hour Dress is a top one to own for dressmaking. It's quite easy to follow, include simple instructions and doesn't take too long to get one perfect dress within an hour or even a few more for a full wardrobe in less than a day! 

Author's Bio:
Mary Brooks Picken, Director of Instruction at the Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences, developed the easy-to-use sewing instructions for her infamous "one hour dress." WIDAS was the largest school of dressmaking and design in the 1920s and produced a number of home study courses to teach sewing and millinery skills. There are three One Hour Dress books -- two from 1924, one from 1925. The two 1924 issues of this book contain different designs and different features

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