Mar 6, 2019

FUEL ♥ CARBS - Starches to enjoy daily! - Health from Grains, Fruits, and Legumes

Image =► Full Bag of Kamut Puff Cereal, Large serving of Red Lentil Pasta,
and a large bowl of boiled Sweet Potatoes and Yukon Potatoes slices with some Stevia Sugar and No-Salt.
Sometimes a warm meal is so much more than just a tasty plate of food. It can instantly feel like a heartwarming dish of love that you need on those cold days. So, just like raw fruit, which gives you energy from those simply delicious carbs, I have another way to feast on carbs and warm your heart at the same time. This would be by having some tasty, pure starchy grains and legumes. 

I love pasta, even the red lentil pasta which tastes like the regular type, but a bit more filling per bite and packed with 15grams of protein with more fiber naturally too! The other foods I crave and eat often would be sweet potatoes, yukon potatoes, russet potatoes, and let's just say I enjoy all types of potatoes in so many ways. Plus, I love this Kamut, a wheat grain style puffed cereal. It's a bit dryer then puffed rice, but I do love that cereal and even rice cakes. Also, I don't deny myself some simple white rice too.

In addition to those grains, I do enjoy stevia sugar on top of my food and don't really use spices or herbs. I try to keep things simple and sweet! However, I do like to use No-Salt, which is pure potassium. So I do get an extra dosage of potassium with my dishes as it tastes like salt, but no real salt is present. As I got older, salt in food had become something I don't mind tasting. I find it to ruin the dish as all I taste in the entire dish is salt. So going on a clean diet approach is much easier for me because I have control of the salt and even sugar in the dish.

Therefore, I feel so much better with making my own dishes and having the power to add as much or less to my food. Even if it's not really salt but potassium. Also, the sugar, as odd as it might seem. I do enjoy sugar on my food, including potatoes, pasta and even on my fruit.
So sometimes I can be found with a bit more sparkling crystals on top of my food then you'd normally serve on a dish. It really makes life just a bit sweeter and reminds me of the movie Elf, when he added maple syrup to his spaghetti.

I just had to share this dish and tell you, that even the starchy, high carb vegan approach can be just as good as raw, but cooked! The energy is still there and I feel the love with every bite.
Plus, I don't feel stuck or unable to enjoy all I want when I'm craving something hot and delicious.

♥Thanks for visiting and go enjoy some carbs today♥