Mar 8, 2019

Crafty Friday Sewing A Small Bandana Bag - DIY Art Project

I was thinking about creating a nice bag the other day. What gave me the idea was this black and white bandana I had that never was ever used. So from my closet, I took this canvas fabric bandana and figured I could make it into a nice, small bag. Of course, I didn't really do any measurements. I just took the fabric and used it to guide into cutting the right size piece, plus eyeballing it. I know it's not the best method, but it really came out great!
The pattern on the fabric made it quite easy to know where to remove the fabric and how close to sewing up the seams. I did also hem the bandana, with a half inch down on top and pressed that in place. Now for the straps, which I wanted to avoid the bottom ends from being seen, I did the hem with the straps under the piece while stitching the fabric. Next, I took the straps and folded them upwards, to stitch them in the right position. Finally, just with a zigzag stitch, I sewed up the bottom and side of the wrong sides together. After all of that, I turned the bag right side out and voila, one lovely black and white bandana bag.


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