Feb 4, 2019

eShakti Now On Amazon‼ - You are the Designer, Customize clothing to Fit you Style

If you haven't heard yet, eShakti is now on Amazon and if you know this company, you know they are known for their awesome customizing ability with the clothing you choose. However, they added a new place to purchase their beautiful dresses, You now can find them on Amazon and still can customize them as you would on their site. There are tons of designs and styles to choose from, each ready for you to customize and order.
If you aren't quite familiar with the way eShakti works, well I'll be glad to tell you. This is a company that has a variety of beautifully designed clothing for you to choose from. All you need to do is decide on how you want it to look, by preparing it the way you want. This is all done by the customizing options on the page. When you are done choosing your favorite style option, which could be a shorter skirt, longer arms, pockets, v-neck or any style that fits your taste, you then just need to place the order and the team at eShakti gets to work and prepares the outfit for you.
Before Customizing
After Customizing
What is very nice about being able to customize is that it's great to be in charge and find clothing to fit you a certain style without losing that design you fell in love with when you first saw it. However, there are some who may like the outfit before customizing, just as it is. Well, no biggies, just don't customize and keep everything the same and you will have the exact look alike as the image of the dress or outfit you were about to buy.

Finally, this is so simple and it's now included on the Amazon website. So why not find a new style that you want to wear for a special occasion, every day out in the town, or for any reason!
Clothing is always extra fun when you can feel like the designer and create it to your liking with just a few clicks!

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