Jan 21, 2019

Shapes with Python - Just a little turtle fun! -Turtle Programming Coding Learn Geometric Designs#Fun Digital Art

I am having fun creating art with Python's Turtle Program. Thanks to the book, Coding in Python I learned so much new things about Python and how to have fun with creating some interesting designs using Turtle. Of course, still more to go, but had to share. Plus, you learn so much more things, perfect for children or adults, any beginner can learn about Python in the easiest way possible while creating games and art, plus much more!
This book makes learning Python fun! I wanted to share a creation I made with Python.
It's fun easy and I feel that this book is really worth having, as I got more info from it than any other. Well, it makes learning fun! 

Below is my creation I got from learning Turtle from this book.

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