Jan 3, 2019

Fun Sugar Skull Pillow - using leftover fabric to create a decorative small pillow - DIY, craft, hobby, sew, project, gift, art

With leftover fabric from the skull pillows, I decided to use the scrap piece with at least a fuller skull and a piece of black, thick t-shirt material to get a nice pillow with one side to show the decoration and the other a simple black, heavy duty, and still soft material. This was quite simple, like 1, 2, and 3.
  1. Cut decoration in a square shape
  2. Cut another piece of fabric for the back
  3. Face the wrong-sides outwards
  4. Sew around the square, leave a small opening
  5. Turn inside out and Fill
  6. Sew the small opening closed.
  7. Done♥
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