Jan 30, 2019

French in a Flash: Grammar and Vocabulary Fundamentals by Barbara Boyer

"I received a free copy of the book in exchange for writing a review"

I've always wanted to learn French, more then what I already know. Lately, I've been working hard to memorize and use what I've learned from school, in the past. Hoping one day, I'll be able to finally conquer this goal, to speak perfect sentences, read and even write in French without struggle or having to look the words up. 

The basic struggles for me are the use of the correct masculine and feminine nouns, the verb tenses and oh yes, the endings that belong with each different subject pronoun. Honestly, it would be easier if I grew up being taught the language, but of course, that didn't happen. So what else can one do, practically study, research and play interactive games to learn all these things?. However, this doesn't always work and I'm lost most of the time. Since it doesn't explain everything I need to know, it's not all in one place, it's not organized, and I want to know how to create sentences on my own, which isn't easy when I'm not learning words that are needed to use to create those sentences. So what can I do, give up? No way, not when there is a book known as French in a Flash by Barbara Boyer!

Right away I can say c'est très bon et J'aime ce livre!  It has really reminded me of learning in a real French class, covering practically everything one must know to create sentences, speak to those they meet and do everything you'd normally do with the language you speak, but in French. It's definitely not confusing and includes charts, visual aids, and a simpler design to find the translation right beside each word. There is so much taught right inside this book that it can help assist those that are studying French for the first time or those who need a reminder course.

Additionally, there are many uses for this book and it's not just great for those who have an idea on how to speak French. Instead, as mentioned inside, it can be great for classrooms, learning on your own, and even getting prepared for a trip to France or any other location that you need to speak French at. Also, I feel that it has kept truth on speedy learning, by how it's setup. Allowing the brain to hold memory to each new word to read and understand it better.

I actually feel I've learned way more then many other books have taught me. Plus, my mind is intrigued to keep learning and I don't feel like putting the book away and never looking at it again. On that same note, I can return some French workbooks I've taken out from the library to help me, because this book has it all and also combines every book I had out to learn French in just one single book, making it so much easier.

To help you know what is included, well there are the numbers, letters, verbs, nouns, adverbs, pronouns, articles and everything you would learn when speaking any language. In addition, you will also find in every section of this book exercises. Yes, you can test what you've learned as if your taking a class on the subject. I always love this feature as it helps you go beyond just reciting and reading what you see. Instead, you put your brain to work, getting that memory of each word and how to write it down on paper. Plus, if you cite it out loud, it's a great way to speak it too!

Finally, there are so many things I like about this book. Sometimes, I wish the pronunciation as shared in this book, was in all books. However, having a chance to read this new book, I can see what I've missed and haven't learned about the words I've been taught. Also, now I only want to write in French, speak it daily and keep using it to encourage myself to continue. It's just this book did so much for me, that I'm so glad to have gotten it!

About the Author:
Barbara Boyer is a native of France with twenty years of experience teaching all levels of the French language in American Universities. She is now an associate professor of French at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, where she teaches French Language, Literature and Culture.

Book Information:
  • Format: softcover (6 x 9)
  • Pages: 376pp
  • Copyright Date: April 2018
  • pISBN: 978-1-4766-6817-8
  • eISBN: 978-1-4766-3068-7
  • Imprint: McFarland
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