Dec 7, 2018

Want to GLOW, Try a #Mango Perfect for Re-hydration, Energy and much more! raw, fresh, healthy Fruit - Vegan

I am so excited about this beautiful plate of deliciously sweet mango. I got them a few a weeks ago and have been waiting for them to turn ripe from the very unripened state they were at. So, I had them with my bananas and finally, I open the big box and they were ready!

This one I had for breakfast was quite refreshing after a workout and had such a beautiful color, which I had to share! Plus, not only does it taste good, but its beautiful color in my bowl, I just had taken a photo of it, like with many other fruits. I was glad I didn't devour the bowl before taking the photo, but sometimes I get too hungry that I eat it ahead of time. So, without diving right in, which was a bit hard, I took the shot of the slices I got from the one mango, removing the pit.
Plus, again with the blue bowl, it just looks even more appetizing. So after eating this high amount of Vitamin C filled sweet mango, I feel so much more glow in my face and cheeks and a boost of hydration that works to help make me feel better after an intense working out, especially running and jumping. I really enjoy fruit, and it helped me so much in so many parts of my life, health-related aspects and also fuels my brain to concentrate better. So I will definitely have to buy mangos much more often!

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