Dec 18, 2018

Sewing Shirts with a Perfect Fit The Ultimate Guide to Fit, Style, and Construction from Collared and Cuffed to Blouses and Tunics by David Page Coffin

"I received a free copy of the book in exchange for writing a review"

I have always preferred a loose fitted shirt when it comes to lounging and relaxing. However, when it comes to going out or doing things that require a little more of a stylish top, but still a little bit of casual appeal to the outfit, well automatically I prefer a fitted shirt. Unluckily, most stores don't quite have the perfect size shirt for everybody and sometimes the clothing isn't as appealing when it's put on, even though it looked great on the hanger. That is why, if I can learn to sew a perfectly fitted shirt even a slightly tighter shirt, never relying on the imperfect fits from the store, well I am totally there! So this brings me to my reason for reading this wonderful book, Sewing Shirts with a Perfect Fit by David Page Coffin.

The author, David has really done something different with this book. Of course, I'm not talking about the difficulty, as this is still perfect for those who are starting out and those who sew for a living, However, when I mention different I would be talking about the way of creating a fitted top that is done without a flat pattern, but instead, he encourages the idea of draping to get that right fit. Additionally, there are many new ideas, tips and very helpful guides that you don't read in many books, placed right inside this book. I can tell you that I read the book and it felt like I was talking to a real person, hearing there real opinions on topics that come up while creating a shirt. There are so many new tips I never thought about when sewing and those very helpful images to see what is going on when trying to drape and create that perfectly loose, fitted, or even a tightly fitted shirt. 
This book is really quite a great idea for doing something different to reduce the need of using a flat, normal paper pattern to get that right fit for everybody and every shape, which includes the sizes from very small to the largest you can possibly sew for. There was one part, inside this book that never really crossed my mind, but I felt was very true. This would be that I never saw or came across any other book that explains draping as a means of making a fitted article of clothing, like the shirt and even used to help adjust parts. Even though I really haven't read many books on shirts and many other articles of clothing to sew but have read some and they all rely on patterns, flat paper patterns. Plus, I do agree that the use of a real person or fake 3D mannequin form can really get that right fit, especially for those with unique body shapes. 

This book will really aid in the reduction of that excess fabric that some shirts include, and may leave the person with too much extra that it wrinkles so easily. Especially, including the strain of fabric that is from being to tight in parts when moving. Those are quite uncomfortable to look at and aren't something anyone needs in their shirts. It's just unnecessary, but when it can be draped and placed upon a person to get the right fit, well then extra fabric and those unbearable wrinkles will be not a problem anymore!

I would also like to mention that the author has plenty of steps included. Each including clear real photos of how to drape over a form, creating specific parts of the shirt and to get the right look. In addition to learning, there are plenty of projects, found inside near the back. Honestly, I love the photos which make it so much easier, and the way these photos are presented can actually feel like you are right in the room with the author when he was setting up and could be demonstrating how to set up and sew and create those shirts. The information inside also allows one to learn how to create the perfect loose, fitted, and tight fitted shirt. So by the end of this book, the reader gets the knowledge of learning all types of shirt styles that are perfect for everyone you want to create for and even your own body.  Oh yes, before I forget, the book does include how to construct one's own and personal mannequin body form that can be used to help achieve that perfect fit in all styles of the shirt you may want to create.  

Lastly, I feel that this book was made for everyone in mind. It's not just useful with the helpful sewing tips, but when you know our bodies aren't equally the same shape as the clothing found in the store, well sewing a perfect top is always a better option. Plus, draping is one thing that many books don't teach and this can be the new way that makes sewing clothing a bit easier for those who may struggle to draft a pattern on paper or getting that right fit. So I'm very pleased with this book and encourage those to pick a copy up for anyone interested in sewing a well-fitted top for themselves, a friend or even everyone in their home, male and female. This book can really come in handy and help you achieve that perfect result!

About The Author:
David Page Coffin’s career as a sewing expert, teacher, and writer began with a self-published how-to book about making custom shirts, which became a bestseller and led to an 18-year editor’s post at Threads magazine, where both his sewing and publishing skills found a worldwide audience. Coffin is also the author/creator of the authoritative and bestselling sewing books Making Trousers for Men & Women and The Shirtmaking Workbook, hundreds of sewing articles, two Craftsy classes, and YouTube videos with hundreds of thousands of views. He has taught workshops throughout the United States and Canada and in the UK, appeared on nationally syndicated sewing shows, and been a featured host on various sewing bulletin boards and websites. He lives in Brookings, Oregon, with his wife Ellen.

Book Information:
  • Author: David Page Coffin
  • Format: Paperback / softback, 144 Pages
  • ISBN: 9781589239524
  • Publisher: Creative Publishing international
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