Dec 3, 2018

New Sewing Table > Barbie Doll Pants - A fun new pair of Hello Kitty Pants or Pajamas - Fashion Clothing DIY

Recently, I bought a new sewing table and let me say it's great! I am so in love with my new sewing table, got it on sale during Amazon Cyber Monday. It was a decent price, under 100 bucks which it would cost me more to get a personal table made just for my sewing machine alone. Also, a bonus is that this sewing table has that insert so I can use it to make the table meet the sewing machine giving me that larger room to quilt and do larger projects. Plus, all the other machines I own, and not worry about not having a special table attachment for each machine. Saves me more and is nice and sturdy, which works perfectly for everything I need in a sewing table.
Right away, I am creating some projects to sew. That is why today I decided to get started by making some cute and small craft projects, like this pair of Barbie Doll Pants. Also, this pair of pants could be considered nice soft pajama pants or lounging pants. No matter, they are cute and use some scrap fabric. The stretch is there, so I didn't make any type of closure on the back, they just pull up and stay on the doll perfectly. Below are the steps I've taken to create these pants.

It is quite fun to sew and be able to create things on this table and finally with the room I really wanted for a while! I know Amazon sells many other tables and each is probably good, but for a small space it takes up, this one was for me. In addition to owning a new table, I can now create wonderful doll clothing and other sewing creations!

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