Dec 19, 2018

Lets Sew: Sugar Skull Pillow Cases - Reusing Fleece Blanket to Create Pillow Cases, DIY Crafting

Sometimes, things happen and you have to toss out your favorite blanket. In this case, my mom had a lovely sugar skull blanket that she loved, but it ended up with a hole and she really didn't want to toss it. I can relate, things that you love and can't find anymore are hard to give up. So, instead of trashing it completely, I took my large sewing scissors and my sewing machine to create her two new standard size pillowcases. Not only did the amount of fabric fit perfectly for these two, but now she can have very soft, decorative pillowcases on her bed to lay her head upon.
I do think they came out really nice and wasn't too hard to do. Just a little bit of measuring, some chopping and sewing, they were done. The scraps, which there was a bit, I can use for something else, possibly. However, right now I'm just proud of the results and so was she! 
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