Dec 18, 2018

Handmade Crocheted Mario Doll - Super-Mario Cartoon and Game Character Created in Yarn - DIY

Here is something that I created which reminds me of those fun childhood days playing Super Mario Bros. on the Super Nintendo System and also a cute toy for those who love Mario. This is a one of a kind Mario, which I created by crocheting all colors parts out of yarn and stitched them all together. I took my time, a few days to put this cartoon and game character together. Plus, since I love Mario as many others, I knew I had to create one. Additionally, it could go with the Yoshi I made a while back. However, I felt it was time, and possibly soon time to make Luigi as well! Maybe will then do many more and have the entire collection of Mario characters crocheted.
Anywho, I am still building my shop for selling my handmade crafts, but for the time being, I felt I should share what I've been working on. So here is that awesome, one-of-a-kind crocheted Mario. He has his lovely red hat and blue suspender pants with those white gloves. A lovely 3D, stuffed, and crocheted toy that would make a lovely gift for anyone who enjoys Mario ☺.

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