Dec 24, 2018

Bananas & Grapes - Fresh, Raw, & Healthy Diet - LifeStyle. A Double Dose of Sweet!

There are days that the body is too tired to do much of anything. Well, my surprising mix of a double dose of sweetness can fix that! 

I, myself love sugar and yet I have a very problematic digestive system which makes it hard to eat most of many things. However, I find that enjoying raw, fresh fruit to be the closest I can get to enjoying sugar in unlimited amounts! Plus, the bonus benefit of that quick supply of energy and fuel, really makes getting back up and moving a cinch, especially right after a workout or just to keep working.

This duo, which I find the be a perfectly sweet blend is ripe bananas with some of those big, plump, and juicy grapes. I don't mind too much for the red, but the green or also can be known as white grapes are very flavorful, very large, juicy and has that perfect crisp, fresh bite.
No matter if it's these or another duo, many fruits work together and blend well together. Of course, for me, my morning breakfast duo to get me up and going is 4 large bananas and a large mug full of grapes, making for an easy to digest and a tasty start.

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