Nov 21, 2018

The NEW eShakti FX ONE DESIGN - ONE HUNDRED STYLES! - choose, customize and buy!

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eShakti is now even better! They just came out with the new eShakti FX, allowing you to choose one design and transform it with ease, into so many other FABULOUS styles! All you do is choose, create and buy. As simple as 1, 2, and 3!
What's unique about this approach, which many don't do when it comes to clothing, is provide you with multiple options in your control to remake over many of the outfits, that may catch your eye. For example, let's say you like a black dress and want it to be right for your body, meaning the right size and also fits to match your needs when it comes to clothing. Well, just choose the dress, your correct size and then go ahead and adjust the dress. However, with FX, you will now get to see on the side of the page, the transformation when you choose the different option styles you prefer.

This makes buying the right dress, with the right look super simple! All you do is click, click, click and you're done. So for any outfit that has the FX above the photo, you will be able to watch at you recreate the outfit with a simple click of the mouse.  
Finally, I really have to say, eShakti FX is definitely a wonderful addition and something I am so excited to try out! The clothing they have are all wonderful and the dresses are full of beautiful style and designs, but what makes it so awesome is the ability to customize. Of course, before it was great, but now with FX, it's much better! 

Ready to give it a try?
Check out the new eShakti FX below:

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