Nov 28, 2018

Plastic Canvas Doll Bed with a Knitted Blanket and Pillow - Perfect for small and larger dolls. Handmade, DIY Creation

After a few weeks, I've finally completed this new doll bed using needlepoint. This bed is using a strong plastic canvas and yarn in one color. I cut each piece of long plastic canvas to make a 15" bed with 7.5" in the width.
It's pretty big to fit some bigger dolls 13"+ and a few Barbie dolls at once. The sturdy canvas is strong enough to hold the weight of a doll, which is why I decided to use and will keep its shape. The blanket and pillow were knitted by hand, which this project allowed me to use two yarn arts in one project. I think for the outcome, it looks pretty good. I used my own pattern and estimated everything. So it's definitely one-of-a-kind!
☺ I hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting ☺

Thanks for visiting