Nov 17, 2018

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"I received a free copy of these two books in exchange for writing a review"

Often it can be fun to read and learn things you never knew before. This could come in the form of reading a book or quick research online. Other times, it could be word-of-mouth. However, the difficulty can come when one isn't grasping the concept or understand what is actually being explained. Unless you try doing it for yourself. This can include so many things, especially coding and programming!

Honestly, I feel for this, there is one solution. Study that book, hard copy or ebook and then also practice practice practice! In my experience, I have read plenty of books but always find one book doesn't always help on its own. Most times I need another or to still look online for more help and research. Of course, this doesn't always have to be for coding but learning to work with tools, understanding electronics, figuring out what each stitch is when crocheting or knitting and many others. They all can be quite hard to understand right away until my mind can absorb the material and explained details told to me.

At this moment, I'm learning Linux and still trying to understand it, but what does really helps is having a book that allows you to practical examples, exercises, and projects. So not only do I get a chance to learn about Linux and understand what it takes to add, remove, create and so on, but I get to practice by putting my knowledge into action. This to me is a perfect way to learn, and so can be learning online and doing practice games and quizzes to help get that brain focusing and understanding everything with ease.  
So to start off, always research and search for the right book or sight. Since there are many out there and most are good for one but not always for another. However, when that right book or better yet, books are found and websites that provide clear info, well you'll know and it will make this entire learning process a piece of 🎂!

Now here are some great books. These are on my highly recommended books to learn about Linux. They both help one understand it from beginning to end and provide plenty of examples and practice exercises to get one actually using what they are learning into action. Plus, these two just were recently released this year and I have given a few reviews on each, but the final review is listed below too. You can find the links to the site to find the books on the review page as well.

Linux: The Textbook, 2nd Edition
Syed Mansoor Sarwar, Robert M Koretsky

Mastering Modern Linux
2nd Edition 
by Paul S. Wang

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