Nov 23, 2018

Crochet me something to eat! Food all crocheted and tempting to eat!

Here is a memory of all the crocheted goodies I made throughout the year. They were a perfect size for anybody to pretend with, but also reminded me of a delicious piece of food which no animals were hurt to make! I have a bunch here, of fruits, donuts, a burger with fries, pretend pink teacup and mini donuts(those tasty powdered hole type), chicken drumstick, fortune cookies, and many more.
I don't think there is anything more enjoyable than sitting back and crocheting something that turns out to be so lovely to hold at the end. It's like an excellent accomplishment, really in anything not just crocheting. In addition, for me, it's also a relaxing way to cool my mind, my body and feels in a relaxed comfort state while creating something out of yarn. Finally, I hope you all enjoy them and thanks for stopping by.
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