Nov 25, 2018

A Fresh Start with Plump & Juicy Grapes! - Fit, Raw, Vegan, Nutritious, LifeStyle

Got a bit hungry before taking the picture.
There was a whole lot more in the bowl.

I honestly enjoy grapes, and end up eating a few throughout the day, a little here and there. Especially when I am craving something hydrating and slightly crispy. Oh yes, with a bit of sweetness as well. 

However, there are different types and I like each about equally. Though there is one that attracts my attention even more and makes me want to bite into them, would be the very plump grapes. They are amazingly packed with liquid and flavor is just perfect, not too sweet or bland, and oh so big! 

So after running every morning, I crave something packed with instant fuel, carbs that will boost my energy right away, and sweetness, especially in the morning. Therefore, my yesterday purchase of these large, juicy, and plump grapes made their way into my bowl today. Let's just say these pack the flavor and really does the trick to fuel my appetite for something sweet, hydrating, and energy packed. 

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