Jul 8, 2018

Repetition is the KEY - Discovering what it takes to understand - Coding JavaScript Book

Lately, I've been reading some excellent reference coding books, and it has been my key to a stay in a relaxed and calming state. Of course, I also get the bonus of learning something new and being able to do more then what I've never known I could do before!

As for my title, repetition is the answer! So when I'm reading a book on coding any type, I find my favorite guides would be ones with repetitive practices and use of different terms. The recent book that I've been reading very much into, with JavaScript is Code for Teens. It's been released this month and having a personal copy, I can sit back and finally learn a bit more, as I'm self-taught on many things, which can be hard sometimes to put things together with some applications, but other times, it can be a bit tricky.
I feel that the major thing I love about this book is that it's very helpful than many other coding guides and books. It's perfect for a beginner and easy to understand, using repetitive practices in drill form and testing. After you go through one section, you take the next section test and still get some recap on what you learned on opening a blank page in Chrome and how to quickly get to the console. Sometimes, a book made for kids or even teens can help you get an idea of what needs to be done.  

So no matter the age, this is one feature I love about this coding book, it's an excellent thing to have when writing a book or reading a book, repetitive drills and questions. Of course, if the book doesn't include it, well it's time to take the initiative and create your own practices until you finally understand and can move on. At this point, it's not getting through the book that counts, it's understanding what your reading that matters!

Finally, if I had to choose a feature I like best in a book, it would be one just like Code for Teens by Jeremy Moritz, with its great repetition. Plus, if I wanted to bring into a classroom a book to teach JavaScript or coding, even homeschool, this would be a perfect one to use! Since it's so much easier to digest for all ages and makes learning JavaScript fun.

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if you're interested to get into learning JavaScript, check out the book

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