Jul 10, 2018

1 Dozen Eggs Coding = Will I have enough for my recipe and if I don't or do what will happen? - coding practice fun programming JavaScript

Just a little JavaScript fun with eggs. If I need a dozen eggs to make this recipe work. I can't have anything less than 1 dozen, 12 eggs. However, more is fine, I still have enough! Here is my cute little code using the if and else to either alert me if I have enough or the else will send into the console, the not enough result. 

function totalEggsIHave(eggsInTheCarton) {
let oneDozen = 12;
let myResults= oneDozen;
if  (myResults <= Math.ceil(eggsInTheCarton)) {
alert('You have enough for the recipe ☺'); 
} else {
console.log('You don\'t have enough to make this recipe');

alert result = You have enough for the recipe ☺
results= You don't have enough to make this recipe
Hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting! 

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