Jun 12, 2018

Bike Riding in the Sun Helped Inspire My Creativity- Drawing Creativity Art & Happiness!

Today, I felt great after going for a bike ride. Honestly, I don't need to go out to get inspired to create something, but the weather and just feeling depressed being inside, I needed to go out.
Once I did go out, immediately I began to feel so much better with having that fresh air and worked up energy released to pedal to the store. It was quite relaxing.

Afterward, when I arrived home, I had the interest to draw. My mind was like in this joyful mood and I felt like doing something, which I didn't feel like doing or know what to do before I left. So I decided to create Dumbo, the Disney movie elephant with the big ears. I've always loved cartoons and this cute little elephant would be fun to sketch and release this built up happy energy from my bike ride. Additionally, I put this drawing onto the backside of my credit card bill, a great way to use those papers that come in and have been already paid. 

After all of this, I just want to bike more often and be outdoors taking pictures. Now just hoping it stays nice out more often and has rain showers.

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