May 7, 2018

Take A Break - Play a video game you enjoy or do something else to break through a road block

Do you remember the classic games were fun to play back then and now that you're older? Not to say anything is wrong with the newer systems and games, but sometimes going back to the older ones is just plain fun and brings back memories that can't be erased. Maybe it was the time it took to complete a game, how hard it was when you played it back then or the time spent with a loved one or friends while destroying or figuring out the challenging puzzles.

No matter the purpose, classic games were so much fun and especially when you had tons of free time to waste. Many think games are just a waste of time, but honestly, they can break the block in the road, causing you to be lost or unsure what to do next. This could be for writing, coding, illustrating, singing, repairing, or just about anything. 
If you constantly work on something it can get a bit hard to break away and think about anything else. However, if you hit a block in your road, well then it's time to look at or do something different. For me, it's taking time to craft or play video games, like this one Sonic and Knuckles. Even if I need to play a game daily, just to reduce the stress and spark up ideas, well I'll do just that! So no matter what you are working on, make sure to take breaks, even if it's something like playing a video game ☺.
Thank You 
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