May 26, 2018

Spring & Summer Fun with Crocheting and Dressing Up! Doll DIY Dress and American Flag. Memorial Day, Fourth of July and all year round Art ☺

Memorial day or 4th of July and every other day, here is a crocheted dress I made for Bella. She's all ready for the summer and holidays that are coming up! I did this all by crochet, using a simple dress pattern and giving it a nice striped skirt bottom. Added a pair of black boots to go with everything she's wearing and a flag, crocheted and stitched to a skewer. Making a simple and fun, dress for all year.
Plus, I add a pair of sunglasses to finish the look, hair back and the doll is ready to go! Finally, I like to say that it's fun to crochet and I love trying new things. This was just perfect for the upcoming holidays and used up the small amount of yarn I had left.
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