May 5, 2018

LED Light for Mom - Mother's Day Gift of an Electronic LED Flower - Painted, Flower, Reused Items in the home and the fun use of Electric Power to light it up♥ DIY

Lately, been reading my book, Electronics for Dummies and so far I've found this to be superb for the beginner and also those who want to move up ↑↑ from what they know about electronics. So, I figure I try a project and I've seen this cute idea on a site and wanted to try and recreate it, but a bit differently. It's a Flower LED Light, so with the LED diode and some spare wire from a USB charger I was able to make this beautiful flower. by the way, I  love harvesting these parts and pieces from other electronics.

The flower was used from one I had in the past and a piece fell off, one of those fake flowers. The painting I did came in after putting it all together and that was to make it more stem-like, had no green tape to cover it with. However, with a white coating on the wire's cover, I was able to paint and let it dry overnight.

Now for the steps:
  1. Strip and cut the wire to an appropriate length. Only the one end.
  2. Unscrewed the nightlight and removed the LED light bulb (Saving the other goodies for another project, nothing goes to waste!)
  3. Insert the wire into the flower
  4. Attached the black and red wire to the LED Lights Prongs
  5. Tape with electric tape, also make sure to trim any excess copper wire
  6. Plug in to check the progress so far
  7. Paint it green, blending a few colors to make it match.
  8. Enjoy the beautiful flower beside your computer ☺.
I really made this for my Mom for Mother's Day. It's a beauty and perfects to have while she's on her computer, and you don't need to water it, haha. ☺♥

Thank You 
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