May 11, 2018

♥♥ Happy Mother's Day Gift Wrapping ♥♥ Sewing Project for a gift that is easy and fun!

I have always loved to make hand and homemade gifts. However, it's also fun to buy them and package them into homemade bags. So today, I decided to do a bag made of a new pillowcase that doesn't fit anything in my home. The fabric is nice and sparkly, and I figured it would be a lovely use for a gift bag since I don't have one lying around. 

Therefore, I began with snipping around the 3 sides, removing the zipper. I then stitched hems on each side. Also, I did press in between, before each sewing and clipped down to hold it places while sewing. I next took another fold on the top and bottom to create an insert section on each end. However, you could just have one opening and make a side bow or do two sides open and still use on the side or both to make bows on both ends. In my final bag, I just made one side with a big bow.  
*****Also for those ends, when flipping the project inside out, I normally use the hack of an inexpensive butter knife, dull is best. It's very easy to use and doesn't cost more to get out the corners, but with a light hand so you don't push through a thin fabric. However, it is an excellent tool for thick fabrics and works wonders for tight spots*****

Afterward, I sewed the sides up leaving the top part open for stuffing with a safety pin to get it through to the sides of that extra section. Now, near the end, it began to fray and ruin the end of the fabric so I just used scissors to trim it off and voila! All good now, without any problem. 
Finally, insert the present and tie the bow. Next, add a card and it's ready to be given. Simple and easy, but fun!
♥♥ Happy Mother's Day♥♥
Thank You
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