May 13, 2018

Fun Fantasy Project ☼☼ Crocheted Unicorn and Sewed Bow-tiful Doll Dress - DIY Creative Art Combination

I decided to do this cute crochet project, started Saturday afternoon and was completed near Sunday evening. I got the idea from looking at this wagon you'd normally see in a Disney movie like Cinderella. It was given to me in the past but I had no horse. So I figure I will crochet a horse for it and allow Barbie to finally have a way to get around.♥
However, I wanted not just a normal horse, but a unicorn. This had to be one with rainbow hair and a nice golden yellow horn made from a pipe cleaner. I was gonna add wings, but at the moment left it without and feel the hair is enough at the moment.

After that though, I figure I make her a dress. Something to fit the entire fancy party she might want to travel too. I'm making my own story as I go along. So with a bit of crocheting, some sewing for the clothing, jewelry beads to decorate and I was able to create this lovely scene as you see in the photo.  Ending with a Bow-tiful Dress and Rainbow Unicorn
♥Thanks for stopping by♥

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