May 24, 2018

Dr. Franken - Classic SNES Game - Here is a game for everyone to enjoy, but it can be quite difficult - Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Fun

While I was taking a break, I decided to try a classic Super Nintendo Game known as Dr. Franken. This one is where you are the monster collecting pieces to finish a puzzle. No matter the location on the map, you'll be attacked by other monsters while collecting each piece. The game is quite enjoyable and yet has a very nice sound of music in the background while you place, which gets you pumped up and the creative enemies and scenery are nice as well. 

In my opinion, the worlds were a bit tricky. You always had to remember a pattern, which you can use to finish the levels without getting hit as easily. Also, to remember where the puzzle pieces may be hiding. Every piece had to be collected to end each world you enter. These pieces are hidden all over and can be hard to reach without blowing your head first, from the monsters attacking you.

So in my every attempt to win or least move far into the game, I honestly couldn't ever complete this game. Of course, cheating is one possibility if there is a cheat code or some way to be invincible. However, it's not really fun if you are not able to be hit monsters or do everything you'd normally do while going through every section to the end. So I play it the regular way and yet if I would add one thing, it is better to have the ability to save whenever and maybe have more lives.
Finally, Dr. Franken is a fun game, classic game that can be played by one or two players. There are tons of different parts of the map if you're able to get there. Also, each world is challenging and a maze to find each part of the puzzle. So if you're looking for challenging, fun and doing some karate style moves, check out this game!

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