May 2, 2018

Darkstone - Classic PlayStation Game - Found online, RPG action and adventure with hours of vivid graphics and addictive game play!

I really enjoy the classics, lately PlayStation. So recently I found this game, Darkstone online, Listia to be exact. It cost me nothing, just the points I made while being part of Listia. So I cashed out with a GIN(Get It Now) to get this game right away. A little bit about this site is that it has many different items, like a yard sale online. So from kids, home, books, games, and all other things, there is something for anyone. 
So when I saw this game on there, I knew I had to grab it! It's a classic that takes me back to playing it every chance I got when home from school, on weekends and so on. This was packed with hours of action and fun. A really nice RPG games were always my favorite and this was one of those games I couldn't get enough of until I finished it. However, with so many characters to choose from, 8 different types to be exact, it's like never-ending fun. They all have their own powers and strengths that just make the game even more enjoyable. Reminds me of the gauntlet, another game I loved.  However, for a PlayStation one game, this was a great one!
Thank You 
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