May 28, 2018

Barbie and the Maxi Skirt - Sewing Machine Fun! Lace and Stretchy Fabric - Creating Fashion, One-of-a-Kind ♥

 Some fabrics are hard to stitch, especially the slippery type. I had a shirt with two pieces. A lace-like the top piece and underneath stitched together a stretchy silky fabric that kept the lace from making the shirt see through. 
So I took the fabric, cut up the two pieces making it the perfect skirt for the doll. I honestly felt it would be useful to make something else out of it because I didn't find the shirt very appealing. 
Now with the two pieces, I took the stretchy fabric and used it to act as a solid back for the maxi lace skirt. It worked perfectly, and I stitched everything together. I added no opening or velcro closure since it would easily stretch to fit the doll.  Also, a bonus, used the bottom piece of the shirt for the lace so that detail edging/hem was perfect.
Thank You
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