Apr 7, 2018

Unicorn the with Rainbow Hair - Gel Pens on a sketched drawing of a fantasy creature ♥

The other day my mom gave me a set of her gel pens. She got them for her coloring books, but it ended up that she didn't find them to be her favorite. So she handed them down to me. I don't know the exact brand, but they seem pretty good in my opinion. Therefore, I took them for a test drive and decided to use them on this sketched up of a Unicorn.

I figure the hair would be so shiny, glittery with the colors and definitely stand out. So I kept the unicorn white, with the additional feather wings to give the unicorn an even more unique design. After the use and ending result, I really think these colors are really nice and the smoothness of these pens are really nice compared to others. I know many brands are pricey and knowing my mom she got these at a bit of a discount, but still quite pricey since she prefers the top brand, which she hears about from many of her coloring book groups. 

Therefore, I know these weren't cheap but honestly sometimes the priciest brands do provide more quality and leave the results looking really nice. However, not all things, but when it comes to coloring or drawing, I prefer a brand that provides excellent quality, which to find the best can take time. So with just a little trial and error, which my mom is pretty much doing, you can find that right set and create something magnificent!

Hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting! 
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