Apr 27, 2018

Spray by Tecmo Nintendo Wii Game - GameStop Cheap Finds and Deals

 Yesterday I got a new game, Spray by Tecmo from GameStop. It's different so I was interested to try it out, but what made it a great grab was the low price. So I figure I give it a try. This is a classic Wii game that uses the nunchucks while playing. It seems pretty bright and colorful, another reason I figure I give it a shot. Plus, it's super cheap with a price for 2.99 without being a member, or a little more off for GameStop members you really can't beat it! Actually, all of the Wii games have gotten very cheap and I love it.
They did have before this week, which I believe is still going on in the store special of 4 games for $20. Though the one thing is that it can't be a game over 10 bucks. So no Mario games, since their prices always stay extremely high no matter the system or the time that has past. Honestly, they just get more valuable as time goes by. However, That price isn't bad when you can buy one game at a high price like $9.99 and get 4 games at that price. It's a wise move when many are being priced at under 5 and u really make out better with the higher cost.

So at the end of it all, you get almost 2 games for free. Like 10 bucks a game is 40 and then with that deal subtract the 2 and you get to only pay the 20 ☺ plus tax. So for those collectors and anyone who enjoys the Wii console, this is a deal to stock up deal, end up saving you cash, and allowing you some fun games you always wanted to play. However, without even using the deal, you can get yourself a few old games for under 5 dollars. That is even cheaper than many other places and even online.

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