Apr 4, 2018

Pure and True DUCKY Love ♥ Photographs of two ducks a Mallard named Apollo and his girl ♥

I don't know much about ducks, but when I saw this Mallard for the first time, I fell in love with its colors! I never saw one up close and it was in an odd place, seem to be alone. It was this small muddy area in front of a few trees. Not ever did I see a duck sit there or even swim in the mud. 

However, I actually thought it was hurt. It's been there since I left 2 hours ago and till I got back in town. So I finally got my mom to come with me and go check it out. I thought it might have hurt its wing or maybe in some type of pain.  We didn't know what to expect, so we bought a cage and a towel in case we had to pick him up and bring him to a place that will help him.
When we got there, the bird was still in the same spot and I felt scared it might really need attention. We hoped it would move once we pulled up, but nothing. It sat there in the mud, but to our surprise, there was another. It was a female duck right beside him. I didn't even notice from the car to the distance of the bird. She matched the surroundings pretty well.

So this entire time, he was with his girl, hanging out in the mud. I thought it was so sweet and at that moment I had to take a photo with my phone from a distance, and even named him Henry, but my mom said we call so many things Henry so why not Apollo. 

So after all, this ducky, Apollo was doing fine and so was his girl, which we still didn't name. They were just enjoying each others company in the muddy, misty weather. It was sort of sweet and with my mom telling me how ducks mate for life, they are bonded for a long time, made today's adventure of finding the two duckies so romantic and fun!  It's sweet to see pure, true love between two ducks
Hope you enjoy my story and thanks for visiting! 

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