Apr 18, 2018

Painted White Wooden Doll House - and ready for some homemade furniture and decorations

After a few days of painting, I've finally completed the dollhouse.
I didn't make it but got it from a family selling it for 20 dollars, which isn't bad
since it's a heavy thick wood for each section of the house.
Even though the natural wood color was fine, there were marker and pencil marks that the kids who owned it before drew on the wood of the house,
which wouldn't really come out and stained the house completely.
Therefore, I figure it be best to paint it and sort of work on my New Year's resolution,
which was to spend an hour a day outdoors through spring and summer with no electronic device with me. Well, the warm and sunny days.
So, I added this project to my things to do and finally completed it. 
Now, all that it needs is some homemade furniture and
crafted decorations to make it a true home. 
Hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting! 
Thank You
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