Apr 29, 2018

Nintendo Mario Toys and Collectibles found at Walmart - On Sale

NEW findings‼
Just yesterday at Walmart I spotted an awesome clearance collectible figurines. 
Mario and the other World of Nintendo Characters.
They were in a small box with many to choose from. I'm guessing the store is trying to bring in something new, but what is awesome is that these collectible characters are now
3 dollars. However, they might not be the same at every Walmart
or could be even less depending on the store. I know I can walk into one store and see something go super cheap but head to another and it's the regular price.
Therefore, it might not be going on in every store, but I'm sure they have some great deals on items that are placed in the clearance aisle, even crafting supplies! So I would just keep checking down the clearance aisle, you never know what you'll find.☺
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