Apr 25, 2018

LEGEND OF DRAGOON - PlayStation Game - Classic Retro Fun! Bringing Back Memories ♠♣♦♥

I have always enjoyed classic games.
So recently I bought a 4 disc game that was worth the buy!
Have you ever tried the PlayStation game LEGEND OF DRAGOON
It's the most eventful and excellent RPG game that made me excited to come home and play, day after day. This game had all these awesome heroes working together and with unique powers. I honestly loved the artwork, the music and the video clips throughout the story.
So when I saw it online, on eBay I knew I had to purchase it for my collection. 
Since my original copy, I think I either traded it in.
No matter, I have it again and got it at a great price! I only say that because many seem to be selling just one disc or missing a one from the set for the same I spent on all 4.
So I'm so glad for a small price I was able to get all four,
 even if it's not complete with case and papers.
These discs will all fit snug and comfortably in a zip up disc holder anyways. ☺
So if you use eBay to get those classic games, which are hard to find. I would definitely keep an eye out for the best prices, which are being added daily. Since you never know when that day will come and a Mario game or really old game system will be super cheap. 

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