Apr 30, 2018

Electronics All-In-One by Dough Lowe 9-in-1 - Beginners and those who want to get to that next level! Hair Set Giveaway **

I was searching online the other day for a complete book to guide me through electronics, while making it easy, straightforward and make for a great resource to fulfill my needs to understand the different components and putting it all together. So I found right on eBay, with the best deals for some brand NEW books that might have been out for awhile or just released. However, I also wanted one that hasn't been open or used. Therefore, I found the book, Electronics All-In-One by Dough Lowe.

I did my research on other similar topic books and found nothing to really include everything I need to know about this topic. Though there was another that caught my eye, yet it may be a later purchase or not needed at all since I have this one that has 9 books in 1, which covers plenty!  Even though the images may be in black and white, but honestly these dummies books never steered me wrong when learning something new. Plus, it's quite easier for those who are beginners and just packed with much-needed info that many books may be hard to find the stuff out about. 

Finally, if you ever looking for a great book buy, don't want someone's old hand me downs like a used book that could be gross or icky, well check eBay out and even Amazon sometimes has other sellers that may provide new books that are even cheaper. Plus, if you can handle books that have been used then they are always super cheap and even with a deal of buying a few and get one free. You never know when you'll find a great deal, even for those trying to learn something new. 

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