Mar 22, 2018

Super Mario Bros. - Fun With Coding - Game Creating - Small Practices

Today I wanted to use a few game characters, 
which I snipped from the game I was playing, Super Mario 2.
While playing, I figure I could take these characters and create something with them. I might do a little more with this code or the Mario characters,
but for right now, I think it's funny and was fun to create!
This is a fun little code I made, that just reveals the characters to be one another or even worse, the villain. Also to mention it uses CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. 
Hope you enjoy and thank you for stopping by!

Below is a small clip of one of the Super Mario All-Star games 
I was playing
while deciding on this idea. 
Also, tiny little spoiler of the secret to getting to the last level from World 4-2.

Thank You
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