Mar 12, 2018

Flowers Flowers Everywhere, which one is right for me! - photography art creative gardening for Spring

I honestly wish I could choose to buy all of these beautiful flowers at the Produce Junction.
They remind me of buying that puppy or kitty from a pet shop and choosing which one would be right. However, these all would be beautiful in my garden, and yet I'm still deciding.
Though to remember each of these, which I didn't take down the name, I snapped a shot of the entire lot and a close up of one purple beauty. I just love flowers and they smell so great! It definitely reminds me of Spring, and even though I didn't take a photo of the Hyacinths, the scent in the entire room of flowers was strong and just wonderful. I am sure going to grab a few of those Hyacinths, as gifts and to add a lovely scent to my home. Planning ahead, something I find better than buying and not knowing. Finally, I hope you enjoy the photos and thank you for stopping by. ☺

Thank You
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