Feb 5, 2018

SCISHION V88 mini Smart Android 6.0 Mini PC Rockchip 3229 1G / 8G Quad Core UHD 4K VP9 H.265 DLNA WiFi LAN

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Have you been curious about getting a TV Box, possibly to stream your favorite shows, share photos, go online or possibly play some games? Well, I have something NEW that just released known as the Scishion V88 Mars Android TV BOXThis is a TV smart box that not only provides what many other boxes would but with the addition of better quality images on your TV, the processing speed is faster and it has an excellent amount of storage space to save all of your games and videos right on the system. However, there are an SD card ports to where you can insert a few downloaded videos, photos and other saved documents to be played on this device. Plus 4 USB ports to insert your own mouse, keyboard and much more to use with the device.

What many will love about this devices is that you really save a bundle when you want to own a smart TV. It's quite cheaper to own this small black box that fits snug right beside the television verse paying more for a real smart TV. Plus, it can be added to many new and even older televisions, which is delightful if you want to share the entertainment in another room. Another features that makes makes the Scishion V88 Androids TV Box a nice product is that it's going to give you that chance to play your favorite games from the Google Play Store and also give you add all your favorite apps to stream shows from, which could even help you catch up on a few that you haven't watched or missed the other night. For example, the Xfinity App for those new shows that just played, like the Simpsons or maybe catch up on the Bachelor and see what is happening. No matter the app this device gives you that and so much more!
One thing I do want to mention is that with a better device, which this TV Box is. You not only get a streaming and gaming TV, but you also get a way to view images, a way to message people online and even browse new things you'd like to buy. Also what about playing Pandora or another music app, with the playlist in your account? Well, you can do this too!

Now for the box itself, it's quite nicely designed. Has a sleek black exterior, very visible light to help you know that it's powered on or even if it's not. The shape is very similar to a square box, just like the name would make you believe. So it will sit balanced on any shelf or flat surface you place it. You can use the included remote control to turn the device on and easily adjust the volume, return to the recent section, go to the main home page, your media, web, apps and much more can be done with the remote.

You will also notice that the buttons on the remote are similar to many TV remotes or video player remotes. As mentioned above, there are many of those instant buttons that allow you to go from one place to the next without actually backing out or taking a long time to access a certain app. This really is a great device, very easy to use and fun as well! Finally, if it's playing a video, accessing an app or browsing the internet, well the Scishion TV Box can this for you, bringing you so much entertainment with one box!
Product Information:
  • [Operation System & Advanced Configuration] Featured with the Android 6.0 system, powered by high-performance RK3229 Quad-Core CPU, the V88 mini is an HD media player with a Mali-400 GPU. You can easily access to thousands of movies, photos, music and more for your entertainment.
  • [Memory & Expandable Storage] This mainstream processor comes with 1GB DDRIII, 8GB Flash ultimately delivering a richer user experience which makes home entertainment become easy. Up to 32GB expandable storage offers more space to enjoy movie, music, etc.
  • [HEVC H.265 & VP9] H.265 decoding occupies less bandwidth (about 50%) than H.264; H.265 and VP9 support decoding most file formats at present, enjoying 4K movie smoothly which is 4 times of full HD 1080P.
  • [UHD 4K Resolution] Based on H.265 HD decoding, it offers 4k * 2k output which provides you high definition viewing and fluent video playing, making it as the highest resolution signal available for home movies.
  • [Wireless Connection & Multi-language] Supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz WiFi and 10 / 100M LAN, it can provide reliable network. Also supports OSD type of languages: English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, etc. 24 languages.
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