Jan 31, 2018

eShakti Tile Print Mixed Media Maxi Dress - plum, personalized dress - fashionable casual style

"I received a free sample in exchange for writing a review on my blog"

I always enjoy trying a new outfit from eShakti. They provide a nice assortment of designs that can be customized to anyone's liking. For example, adding pockets or shortening a long dress and even changing up the arms. It all depends on the type of clothing chosen, but most are so customizable. You can make one dress or clothing piece look different compared to someone else buying the same design and pattern.

The one that really caught my eye was the beautiful Tile print Mixed Media Maxi Dress. It's got a lovely deep purple plum color that really is something different than most of my bright color clothing. However, I love the change up in color, and the dark sort or works better with more of my black heels. The design on the skirt part is just a lovely pattern that is unique and works nicely with the one color purple on top. Plus, the crisscross style around the chest area is very nicely detailed, adding a snug support and a better addition to this entire outfit.
I honestly love that it's not too busy, but very lovely with the design. It's quite an eye pleaser and a perfect fit around the body. The fabric is comfortable and feels so soft! Plus, the slit on the side adds that extra room to move and with a skirt bottom this long, I can spin and have it follow around. I honestly love the dress as it was, so I didn't' change it much. Instead, I kept it as it was created, but I decided to change the length of the sleeves.

So I figure I reduce the arms to sleeveless and make it more comfortable for myself, as I'm not a huge, short sleeve fan. The length was perfect and I didn't need pockets, which can be kept on if wanted. Finally, this is the dress I've chosen and they have so many others. Each is able to be customized and perfect for all different occasions. I highly recommend them for some very unique and wonderful designs that are personalized to your liking!
Product Information:

  • A bold and vibrant print with a high front vent adds to the drama of our sweeping dress, tailored for a feminine fit of fluid crepe, topped by a cotton knit surplice empire bodice.
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