Jan 29, 2018

Brobot BabyCam HD Cute Smart IP Surveillance WiFi Camera for Remote Monitoring of Baby, Pet, or Elderly with App for iOS and Android

"I received a free sample in exchange for writing a review on my blog"

I have been so happy to have this chance to try the Brobot, which is the newest and cutest little surveillance bot I ever owned! It honestly came at the right time. I had so many times of worrying about my grandma, who has lately been falling so much and going to the hospital every week she arrives home and it's just scary. Plus, there was one time, everyone was outdoors and no one was inside with her. I actually found her on the floor yelling for help. I honestly was just was thankful she wasn't badly hurt or worse. However, these are things I worry about when she is home. How will I know what is going on without having a way to keep an eye on her or what's going on when I'm just right outside or in another room of the house.

That is why I am so grateful and excited to have received this Brobot, a small and cute IP surveillance WiFi camera. Since I can't always be in the same room with her and she depends on everyone in this house for help. So I guess you can say, we are the caregivers my mom, sister, and I. However, we aren't always all home and do have things to do, which makes it hard to keep an eye or be there for her. She understands this, but sometimes things happen and having a Brobot in her room allows us to make sure that there will be no mishaps. 
This little surveillance camera has really improved our capabilities to see what is happening when we aren't near her room. Plus, she can feel so much more at ease, just knowing she's safe with this little camera is there for her. It is similar to a baby or small child, even a dog. You can keep a good eye on anything when not in the same room.  

Now a little bit about this little Brobot. This is a simple to setup camera. Just plugging it in, begins the startup procedure. It does speak, with a girls voice and revolves around before it begins to start recording. You don't need to do much afterward,  except for adding the app either Android or an iOS.  This is an easy process too! Just download to your smartphone the app, add the camera to the WiFi service you are using, scan the QR code on the phone and then you are connected!  Everything is very easy to setup and simple to complete. Took me about 5minutes to do it all.

If you notice that this camera is very small and can easily be hidden or placed in a spot that is visible to the eye. I feel that I love that this camera is really nicely designed for even stable sitting on a flat surface and has a durable, strong exterior.  I did want to point out that the name, Brobot reminds me of a best friend, like a brother or bro that is there when you can't be. It's what comes to my mind when I think of this lovely camera because it really has been there for me. 
Next, I want to point out the quality of the camera's lens, which is able to take a full wide view of the area it's facing.  First, the angle of the lens allows me to never miss anything. There aren't any spots that can't be captured, that I want to see. Second, with the visuals on my phone from the camera's lens, I get a clear stream of live action and view everything that is happening, never missing anything that is going on in that room. You can even adjust the view, without moving the head of the camera. The app allows you to view the live streaming and move it around the room without being in the room. You don't have to worry about missing or positioning the camera every minute. Plus, in the dark, it can easily see with its infrared feature. I tried to show you by covering the sensor on top, which allows it to know if it's night or not.

I honestly feel that the features of this camera are just what anyone needs to feel comfortable. I can really keep a good eye on anything, especially my grandma who will be home Wednesday. However, this little Brobot can keep an eye on my dogs, my grandma, my mom who may be having surgery on her knees and may need some help as well and even just my room, in case I want to keep something from being touched or going missing. No matter the purpose, this is a stationed camera that does a great job connecting to my internet and allowing me full access to view a room that I'm not in. Record and save photos and recordings on a memory card. 

I also want to point out that the distance I only tested was around my house, but I can say that it allows me to go from the farthest room away from the camera and still be able to see what the happening, cause of the connection is that great. Though it really does depend on the WiFi signal, which I never had any problem with turning the app off and on and still being connected.  However, there is an ethernet cable included if you prefer to connect to a network that way as well. 

Finally, this is a wonderful camera to use to keep an eye on our loved ones! I highly recommend this and it's an app that was created for this camera. It's been a blessing to own and has kept my mind at peace, knowing I can have an extra eye when I can't be around.
Product Information:

  • SHARE THE MEMORIES -Save those precious moments of your loved ones with video recording and unlimited snapshots. Give password-protected access to your family and friends – a wonderful present for out-of-town grandparents who can enjoy watching their grandchildren grow!
  • STAY CONNECTED - Watch, listen and talk to your baby, pet, or anyone who requires your monitoring and care anytime and anywhere with live video and two way audio on your smartphone. Enjoy peace of mind at work, traveling or even at home.
  • SAFETY - Don’t want wifi radio waves in your baby’s room? The brobot™ BabyCam ships with a wired Ethernet cable as well as wifi capabilities. Configure alarms, notifying your phone whenever there is movement or a sound above a preset level. Automatic nocturnal infrared viewing means you don't need to disturb your baby’s sleep with a light in the room.
  • COMFORT- Not only does the brobot bring you comfort, but your baby also. What happens if you are halfway around the globe and you need to help your baby fall asleep with their favorite lullaby? You just play the song from a playlist on your phone! (Only available on the Android app at present).
  • SURVEILLANCE - The brobot app supports an unlimited number of BabyCams, effectively converting your baby monitor into to a home surveillance system. The live streams of all the cameras can be visible on the screen of your phone or tablet as you simultaneously monitor the different areas of your home or office. (Chromecasting to your TV will be available soon)
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