Jan 10, 2018

Barbie Doll Clothing - Easy Dresses Styles for Fun - Sewing Quick with Creative Embellishments

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Today I was trying to figure out a simple dress, less complicated that would look great and fit many Barbie or small dolls. It doesn't matter how small or even a bit larger, this pattern I created would have to fit them all. So without frustration, I figure I create one that can just wrap over the doll, which can be used with all different fabrics that you like and additionally, there is room to allow a little something to give it a bit more WOW. 

That is why I came up with this simple dress, using pieces of fabric that I had leftover from another project. It might look like a lot more goes into it, but it's really not much thinking and can be used to go on any doll of your choice. Therefore, I have here with the use of my sewing machine and the 1/4 presser foot, which I listed the link below, is what helps me created this lovely dress. Also, I listed below, the thread that I've been using, which comes in so many colors and is of a nice, strong quality.
So, as you can see the dress looks fabulous and what else is fun, is that you can add belts, gems or anything to it. It's up to you to make it look the way you like. What I did is add just a piece of a bra strap. I know sounds strange, but those straps make nice doll belts and very flexible too. Finally, I wrapped the dress I made, from my easy square pattern and added the belt and I was done! Cute right! 

Of course, you can add velcro to the back and connect the two parts together. However, if you want a quick put together, a belt or bow from lace can make a great closure. So there you have it! Very easy, fun and works with all types of dolls, and you really don't need a pattern since draping over the doll and cutting the desired size works too!

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