Dec 21, 2017

ThreadNanny Border Guide Foot Top-Load - Fits All Low Shank Snap-On Singer*, Brother, Babylock, Euro-Pro, Janome, Kenmore, White, Juki, New Home, Simplicity, Elna and More!

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The ThreadNanny Border Guide is perfect to get a perfect and even border on any project. However, this is perfect for quilters. You can get the right size width or length from one stitch to the next with the ruler on the foot. It's easy to attach to the low shank sewing machines. Just snap it on and you're ready to begin. Once you begin sewing, it's similar to sewing anything you just continue as normal. Next, you want to make a new row of stitches, you just move the border over and match it up by the distance from the first set of stitches. 
This is just a perfect quilting foot for any sewing machine, making it easy to get a quilted design with even length stitches from one to the next. The border foot is very nicely created and easy to use. I never could create the right length measurement, which is a bit tricky, but this makes it simple and possible to make a perfect quilted design without using a ruler or chalking up the entire project. I honestly love that you can use this to just do borders and create a fully squared design, from the large border to a smaller one and so on. 

It's practically a great addition to make as many different squared style quilted patterns as you like. The foot is something I would highly recommend for beginners and those interested in quilting. It works perfectly and gives you that final result, making you look professional with every project you complete. Plus, if you love to sell your work or gift it, well this is something that will help make the final results look professional and worth paying more for!

Product Information:
  • Provides Ease-of-Use for Tasks that Could be Extremely Tedious if Done by Hand
  • Premium Quality Sewing Feet
  • Having problems lining up or evenly spacing your border designs? Now the Border Guide Foot helps you to easily match up your border designs with the red lines of the foot. No need to mark every row beforehand!
  • The horizontal red line matches the needle drop so you can line up the start of each row. The small red mark denotes the center of the design for lining up with the marking for the first row.
  • Fits All Low Shank Snap-On Singer* (Some Singers Require Low Shank Adaptor), Brother, Babylock, Euro-Pro, Janome, Kenmore, White, Juki, New Home, Simplicity, Necchi and Elna Sewing Machines

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Thread Nanny Border Foot Guide

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