Dec 28, 2017

The Thompson Method of Bodywork Structural Alignment, Core Strength, and Emotional Release by Cathy Thompson, Tara Thompson Lewis and Foreword by Ohashi

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The book, The Thompson Method of Bodywork really has given me a new idea of how the body works. I always believed from seeing others and even just my own, that the body works only as good as you build it up to be. If you move more and eat best, you'll have a stronger structure and be able to do more. However, knowing that this is true with personal experiences, there are parts of the body, which from this book I never knew could actually be changed or fixed as well. 

What I actually got from this book is that it's more about working with the body, allowing it to help you improve and repair weakness or areas that might go unseen or used. It's basically repairing the body and the mind together while discovering parts that could use repairing to help increase the balance you need to move and live a pain-free life. So basically will be making the entire body work together, creating a perfect balance and strengthing everything. 

Inside this book, there are so many different moves to help work the entire body. Also, with each move inside, there is a ton of information that you get to learn about the body and why these parts exercises can help improve it. That is why I feel that this book really can come in handy for those who want to improve there body naturally. Possibly repair those pains in the lower back, correct posture, improve strength in the muscles and reduce tension in the body

Of course, with this type of repairing, it actually would mean the body will improve more than just by those I've mentioned above, but also improve the way the body moves. Such as many of us love to dance, do yoga, and even sing, we can make our body work and sound so much better by the help with these exercises. 

I can tell you that there are many unique moves that I've never seen anywhere or in any other book. One that really stuck out is the one to help the voice. This exercise has you holding your tongue out with your fingers and a few more steps. By doing this it actually helps the tongue stretch and improves the flexibility. While this is happening it will eventually help improve the sound you make when you sing or just speaking. It's quite a different workout, something I've never read about, and this book has many other types that have never been heard or seen before as well! 

Finally, I feel you do get a great resource for information and guidance to improve the body naturally and gaining strength throughout the entire body, from head to toe. Plus there are so many nicely illustrated body parts that focus on the body part you are going to be working on through exercise and even know the location of this specific part. That is why I really feel this is one book that I would recommend for improving the body's strength, but also improving the physical structure and naturally healing the pain that may be caused by poor alignment.

Information About The Authors:
Cathy Thompson (1957-2008) was an innovative bodywork practitioner with a private practice in Manhattan for 30 years. She worked with many famous singers, actors, athletes, and dancers. She studied Ohashiatsu at the Ohashi Institute and Gestalt psychotherapy at the Gestalt Institute of New York. She also taught workshops and trained students in the Thompson Method. 

Tara Thompson Lewis studied the Thompson Method intensively with her mother and was a Brooke Scholar at Oxford University before taking over her mother’s private bodywork practice. She lives in New York City.

Book Information:

  • Pages: 336
  • Book Size: 8 x 10
  • ISBN-13: 9781620556641
  • Imprint: Healing Arts Press
  • On Sale Date: January 16, 2018
  • Format: Paperback Book
  • Illustrations: Full-color throughout

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