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Ranch Concert Ukulele Starter Ukelele 23 Inch Bundle Aquila String Gig Bag Tuner Pack Kits - Beginner Ukulele Concert Ukele Small Guitar with Solid Sapele Body & Rosewood Bridge Fingerboard, Mahogany Neck

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The Ukulele is my favorite instrument! It's fun for both, children and adults of all ages. Plus, it's known to be easier to learn for those who are just beginning to learn and play an instrument or who want to branch off to a guitar by practicing with a similar instrument. When I normally just play mine it's to take a break from reality and relax. In my opinion, it's quite a wonderful way to relax and enjoy some music that you create yourself and gives me a new challenge in learning and create new sounds and tunes. 

Now finding a good one can be difficult, especially if you're trying to avoid paying too much and yet, want the best quality in sound and product. That is why I am very excited to share this wonderful new product I just got in from Amazon known as the Ranch Concert UkuleleThis is actually a perfect beginner kit, with everything you need to begin. What makes it so cute is that it's similar to the guitar, and yet it's smaller in size, 23" and has fewer strings, only four to pluck. The size even is perfect for a child to hold and isn't very heavy. 
A few features I love about the Ranch Concert Ukulele is it's natural and beautiful, wood design. Plus, the sound of the concert ukulele makes such a beautiful sound when played together. The bonuses in this set make the price worth paying, since buying accessories that will help you can become a bit pricey. Therefore, with this ukulele kit, you do get a nice and strong case with a lovely soft grey color with black zippered edges and handle. This one is perfect to help keep the ukulele safe for traveling and keep it dust free when you're not playing. The kit also includes extra Aquila strings, cleaning microfiber cloth, digital tuner, and a strap. These additional items really help those starting out, so it can make a great gift right from the box! 

Many kits don't' include all of what I just mentioned. Plus, you pay the same price. However, this kit really is perfect starter kit. Even with these added bonuses for the kit, you do have an excellent quality ukulele, made with those nice Aquila strings that provide a smooth and a clear sound. The real smooth, Sapele and Mahogany wood that creates the ukulele, a beautiful tattooed design around the sound hole, and metal turners on top. Every part is very nicely created. Now the only thing you need to do once it does arrive is started by tuning the ukulele with the tuner. The digital tuner makes it easy to get each string tuned without having to play by ear, which can be hard for beginners and take a bit of time. It's quite easy and the helpful guidance makes it easy for anyone to do so!

Finally, the entire Ranch Concert Ukulele set is a great gift anyone interested in learning would love to receive! It's something that doesn't end with one song. It's also a perfect way to learn something new and bring entertainment to everyone around. 
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Product Information:

  • COMPLETE CONCERT UKULELE SET - Do you want to learn to play Ukulele? This starter Ukulele kit gets you started! Comes with: 1x Ranch UK-23 Concert Ukulele (Aquila String Installed), 1x 10mm Gig Bag, 1x Digital Tuner with Battery, 1x Extra Set 4 Aquila Ukulele Strings, 1x Strap, 1x Polishing Cloth. Try it today RISK-FREE with our 30 days Money Back Guarantee
  • ✓ TOP QUALITY MATERIALS - Our Concert Ukulele top, back, and sides are made of the elegant Sapele wood. An acoustic instrument body fashioned from Sapele exhibits a pleasingly warmer and darker tone than that produced by a more conventional wood combination
  • ✓ CLEAN AMAZING SOUND - When you are shopping for a Ukulele instrument don't shop by price, cheap beginners ukulele can be bad quality and the sound from it same. Our Concert Ukulele sounds almost like a pricey professional Ukulele. After you jammed your first minutes you will understand what we are talking about
  • ✓ GREAT GIFT FOR BEGINNERS - Do you anyone that likes playing guitar or someone that just loves music? This could be an awesome gift for them. Great for birthdays, Christmas, graduation, housewarming and much more. Perfect for younger people who are just getting started with Ukulele
  • ✓ OUR PROMISE - You are backed by our Exclusive 30 days Money Back Guarantee. If you for ANY reason don't like your brand new

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