Dec 15, 2017

JELDA International Golden Mean Caliper with Case | Higher Quality Curved 3 Prong Design | Great for Permanent Eyebrow Makeup, Microblading, Tattoos, Art Work | Fibonacci Gauge | Golden Ratio Caliper | Gift Item

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I finally got my first JELDA International Golden Mean Caliper with a beautiful case. This tool is well known to provide a perfect and accurate measurement of many projects, especially makeup related and tattoos. The way it works is to give you the right distance, allowing for an even distance from one are to the next, plus the center prong gives you that curve or adjusts the height in between. These are very well known to be used more for eyebrows and like this brand, they are made of top quality metal, stainless steel. The calipers I have here come with three prongs will last you a long time and can be great for all types of eyebrow microblading and many other projects.
If you are trying to create a specific look, well the two prongs from one end to the next are meant to give you the distance and size of the eyebrow while the arched are can be created with the third prong, giving you the style eyebrow you want. However, this can work with many other crafts as well. I never owned one before, but once I got this in I took a few glances on YouTube to get an idea how to accurately use them. It definitely is great for drawing too, I would think. You'll not only know where one eyebrow starts and where the next should be placed, same with the other parts of the face, making it similar on each side.

However you use this, it really is a nice product! Top of its quality and very well designed. There is that strong steel that can be used over and over, without rusting or damaging and
you have a case to keep it protected. For those microblade, drawing or even owning a professional business for tattooing and other jobs or hobbies, well this is a wonderful tool to own! It's quite easy to maneuver and hold the shape when you move it from one
place to the next. Therefore, I must say the JELDA International Golden Mean Caliper is a top quality product, lightweight and very nicely designed!
Product Information:

  • HIGHER QUALITY CURVED DESIGN: Jelda's premium Golden Mean Calipers are curved for higher quality accurate measurements. Ideal for Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Artists, Biology, Art & Math Students, Artists, Tattoos, Designers, Dentists, and Architects. Measures the Golden Mean, also known as The Golden Ratio 1: 1.618. It appears many times in geometry, art, architecture and other areas. Measurement range is 1" (2.5 cm) - 12" (30.5 cm).
  • BUILT TO LAST: Stainless Steel precision design tool that enhances creative talent. Jelda's craftsmen take great pride in the design and master workmanship.
  • PROTECTIVE CASE: Comes with a protective wooden case with a sponge base.
  • MICROBLADING EYEBROW CALIPER DIVIDER: Fully reusable and can easily be sterilized.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product. NOTE: ITEMS ONLY SOLD BY JELDA ARE AUTHENTIC, PLEASE CHECK THE SELLER BEFORE BUYING. Click "ADD TO CART" now and this premium Caliper will be sent to you today. Great gift item and stocking stuffer!

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