Dec 19, 2017

Innotree LED Lighted Makeup Mirror, Trifold Vanity Mirror with Full-rim Light Band 10X 3X 2X 1X Magnification and Light Control Touch Screen, 180 Degree Free Rotation Counter top Cosmetic Makeup Mirror

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The Innotree LED Lighted Makeup Mirror is a wonderful way to capture all sides of your face and zoom in on those parts you need to see a little bit closer! This mirror has the ability to magnify the face a bit closer than the traditional mirrors sold, and it's got a nice LED light that goes around the edge, which makes it perfect for hard to see areas on the face. Also, unlike many vanity mirrors, they normally just include one mirror that only shows your reflection. However, the Innotree includes a trifold which allows you to zoom in on the entire face, and check your face out from each side. The one side, the right side of the mirror includes a 3x and 2x zoom in the mirror, one on top of each other. It's quite handy when you want to get a close-up view. 

The LED of the mirror only is used when you need it. So there isn't a light gonna show up only if you press the power button, which is straight on the first mirror in the center. It's all done by touch, so once you press that button the light will come on. You can also adjust the light by pressing it a few more times to get it either brighter. The trifold in my opinion works like a cover for the mirror inside. It actually protects it when not in use, and is so much nicer to have when you want to see your entire face, missing nothing. The other feature that is very helpful is that the mirror adjusts 180 degrees, allowing you to rotate an angle to the position that is much more comfortable to you.
There is also a very nice base, which comes with a small storage dish, perfect to leave tweezers, brushes or anything you may use often when looking in the mirror. I find it perfect to place lipstick, tweezers, lip balm or any tiny little item that I use most often. It does come in handy to have that extra storage area. Now there is the additional magnification mirror, around 10x magnifying mirror. It's perfect to help you get a super clear view of everything, which can be a bit scary if you notice what you've missed while tweezing. However, it works wonders to get a clear and close view of everything you need to take a look at.  Plus, there is a little suction which allows it to hold onto the main mirror, which allows you to not have to hold the round mirror while plucking or putting on makeup.

Finally, this is a wonderful gift idea, perfect way to create the perfect face without missing anything and it's very affordable! I honestly love the design, prefer it better than the single mirror and with the battery powered LED Light, It's easy to take this anywhere without the needs of cords. Plus, cleanup is a breeze with the additional cloth that is included!
Product Information:

  • 4 Magnification Modes-- 10X/3X/2X/1X magnified led mirror, great for applying eyeliner, mascara, grooming brows, lipstick, tweezers and other facial treatments.
  • Efficient and Reliable-- This lighted mirror can be powered either by 4 AAA batteries or by USB charge, you don't have to worry that batteries might stop working one day.
  • 180 Degree Rotation-- Tri-fold and the base recessed tray design, it can be adjusted with 180-degree horizontal swivel to ensure comfortable viewing angle.
  • Adjustable Brightness-- The touch button that is on the main screen could be used not only for turning the light on/off, the long press could be used for brightening or dimming.
  • Lightweight and Portable-- Weight: 755g, Size: 27.5cm*18cm*12cm, It folds well and is small enough to easily store in a cabinet or take when traveling.(30 days money back and 18 months warranty)

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