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Electric Kettle COCTIONE Glass Digital Kettles Double Wall Cool Touch Cordless Raw Tea Kettle Built In Precision Temperature Control Panel Base & Keep Warm Function, 1.7 Liters, 1500 Watts (1.7L)

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The COCTIONE Glass Digital Tea Kettle is a perfect change from just using a pot on the stove or kettle for the stove. The glass design doesn't add any extra strange flavors to the water, it's super durable and you can tell how much is left before refilling. I've always enjoyed the electric kettles as they are easy to use and don't occupy the stove top. However, this isn't just a normal tea kettle that needs to be plugged in all the time. The cord actually can extend if needed or be put away, keeping it at the length you need. Making it simple enough to place this kettle anywhere. I normally keep mine out to a short length, since my outlet is close and I usually have many cups throughout the day. 

No matter, how often this is used, you can easily enjoy a hot cup of tea with the fast boiling ability. It's base heats up super quick and with the memory function you can keep it at a specific temperature, one of the 4 and have it ready for you every time. I love that function since it's always the same type of tea and I don't need it any cooler or hotter. Plus, imagine having that cup of cocoa, well this can be useful as well to give you that hot water for your children's cups or even your cup of cocoa and marshmallows. I normally stick with the same temperature as tea. 

Plus, it doesn't just stop there! You can even have a cup of coffee with selecting the right temperature. It's labeled and easy to select which you need for each beverage your having. It's all on the front part of the base, where the on and off button is located.  There is also one for milk, I guess if you love that warm cup or glass of milk, you can easily get it at the right temperature and be ready to settle down for bed or to just relax. That is one feature I never saw on any other design, so it's pretty different and cool.
Now for the size of water, you can fill this up to the max line of 1.7liters. This is plenty for those who have many mugs to fill or just if you drink plenty during the day or even in a few hours.
The one thing that stands out from most is the keep warm function. You can easily keep the beverage warm when you need it to be and allow yourself another cup later verse reheating or starting the base to boil again.  This is just a press of the button on the left of the choices.

The shape of the kettle is perfect for holding and pouring into each mug or cup. There isn't any dripping or spills and you can monitor how much water or liquid you need to pour. 
The top is easily raised by the handle lever. It's quite a nice touch. Plus, instead of a yellow glow or something that is very annoying to stare at. This beauty has a blue light, which is calming and perfect for a night light while the kitchen is dark. Finally, the entire design, style, and shape are very eye-catching. I honestly love the simple buttons and easy to use features. The entire thing is safe for everyone to use, as it will shut off automatically if the water is all gone. 
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Product Information:
  • SAFETY and KEEP WARM - If it has reached the Temp Selected or when water is too low to prevent Boil-Dry it automatically shuts off; KEEP WARM Feature, Automatically Maintains the Selected Temperature for 6 Hours;
  • 1.7 L CAPACITY and 1500 WATTS - 8 Cup (1.7 liters / 1.8 Quart) capacity, water level gauge. 90 seconds memory function, Cordless Electric Kettle with 1500W/120V, boils water very fast; Premium stainless steel accents, 360-degree swivel power base with brushed glass is compact and easy clean
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL KETTLE – Digital control design, 4 Recommend temperature settings! Precise, versatile temperature controls allow you to program the kettle to your specific needs (Boil or just Warm, Coffee, black tea, green tea, and Raw temperature settings)
  • DOUBLE-WALLED and STYLISH – Borosilicate glass wall with a plastic outer layer adds durability and protects you from burns when the kettle is hot while keeping your water safe from plastic contact; Glowing blue lights indicate when the kettle is on and creates a gorgeous effect at the same time.
  • 30-DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and 24 MONTHS WARRANTY - You can try it out for yourself, knowing that, should you change your mind, you are entitled to a FULL refund within first 30 days, as well as the fact that each glass kettle parts and labor are covered by our exclusive warranty for 24 MONTHS! So Get Yours Now, Risk-Free!

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