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Cuisine Elite High Precision Digital Kitchen Food Scale | Electric Scales for Baking, Cooking, Dieting | Chef, Baker, Food Prep Electronic Measuring Scale for Weighing Foods | Measures Grams, Ounces, Milliliters

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Are you the one who loves using a food scale keep an idea of the food you eat, weigh food for cooking and baking or possibly letters and other objects? Well, I've actually owned many different food scales, from battery operated to a simple balance beam style. However, with each, there was a downfall. The one without batteries came in a plastic white design, so any odor or food with color would stain it and you had to use the cup it came with, which there was no flat surface to measure on. So that got very dirty and after a few times, well multiple uses it lost the accurate balance to start off with. Next, the battery operated ones I had were great, but normally take a cell or many small batteries and after a while, if liquid hits them, well it is another ruined device, plus who wants to buy some pricey cell or triple A batteries every time to weight something. I actually just gave up on the entire weighing things after that. I mean they did their purpose, but after awhile it can cost and yet, not a great way to spend cash on something you want to use often. 
So happy I found something that can be a long-term solution to my scale problems. This awesome product is known as the Cuisine Elite High Precision Digital Kitchen Food Scale.
This device is one of those very nice and easy to use scales that don't require any electrical cord or batteries. All, you do to charge this device all you do to charge the device is winding the small knob and it quickly gives enough power to charge the scale, perfect for the time it takes to measure ingredients and food. It's made of a durable top glass, which leaves you with any issues of damages coming to the product once liquid hit it or anything a bit heavy being placed upon it. 

Now, the clean white color is also a nice touch to this simple scale. Giving you a device that doesn't clash with any style kitchen or home. It basically matches pretty much everything. Plus, even being a hand-powered device, it is still similar in design like most battery-powered scales. This is by being slim and flat, taking up not much counter space. Plus, it does have a very nice wide and long area to weight the food. the knob is there to help you power the device and get it charged up. Plus, with a simple button press of the tare, you can set it back to 0 and when ready and on the back there is a button to choose how you'd like to weigh the food in the form of grams, ozs, lbs, water, and milk-ml. It's just that simple and gives the best, accurate measurement in front of you. The numbers appear large enough to read and very clear as well!

It's very easy to work and once again, very awesome without the need for batteries! That is just marvelous and it works for more than just food, like using it to weigh jewelry, coins, envelopes and many other small items. Honestly, it does come in handy and is just a wonderful gift as well! If you have a health-conscious friend or those who weigh things daily, well a no battery scale, like the Cuisine Elite High Precision Digital Kitchen Food Scale is something to take a look at! I honestly love it and been using it daily on all sorts of stuff, not just food.
Product Information:
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY It’s important to us at Cuisine Elite that our environment stays just as healthy as we do. That’s why we chose to forgo battery or high-voltage operated machines. Our patented kinetic system only requires the user to manually spin the knob one time and this converts into electricity that powers the scale for up to three and a half minutes. This means you can take it anywhere without worrying about finding a power outlet or running out of batteries.
  • INCREDIBLY ACCURATE Precision is important when it comes to food, whether you are cooking, baking, or dieting. You want a product you can rely on for accurate measurements. The scale quake sensors are sensitive enough to measure the weight of a leaf, yet so durable it can hold an 11 pound turkey. The clear, digital screen shows the weight and can convert to other measurements when you flip the switch at the bottom of the scale. It even differentiates between the volume of milk and water.
  • GREAT FOR MEAL PORTIONING The Cuisine Elite measuring scale is a must-have for anyone who is on a diet, trying to be cognizant of how much they are eating, or simply health-conscious. This food measuring machine accurately measure out food, so you can know exactly how much you are eating. Sustaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about the quality of food you are consuming; it’s also about how much you’re consuming. This is an ideal item for people who are tracking their food portions.
  • TAKE IT ON THE GO Our weighing scale for food is so light and sleek, you can take it with you to work, restaurants, picnics, dinner parties, or trips to keep your diet and food tracking from getting derailed. The battery free kitchen scale uses a knob-dial to convert kinetic energy into electricity. Just turn the knob once and you will have power for 3 ½ minutes each time. No plugs or batteries to worry about, making this device any easy and convenient travel buddy no matter where you are.
  • YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE IT Our tempered glass kitchen scale is a great way to teach your children about measurement conversions, food portions, and cooking. With home ec disappearing from the classroom and families living busier lives than ever before, many of our children are not learning basics like how to measure food products and convert to metric units. This scale is a fun and easy way to get them interested in such things as well as showing them what proper food portions and sizes look like.

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